" It's your road, and yours alone. ‚ÄčOthers may walk it with you, 

but no one can walk it for you."


In order to walk with you on your path, I believe it's important for you to know a little more about me. I've lived in the Bay Area for most of my life and love the rich layers of geographical and cultural diversity. I earned my B.A. in Psychology at Sonoma State University in 2002 and my M.A. in Counseling at St. Mary's College of California in 2014. During my Master's program, I studied Marriage & Family Therapy as well as School Counseling. In addition to my MFT License, I possess a PPS Credential to provide counseling in schools. I have worked with clients in a variety of settings including schools, clinic, and private practice.

Before becoming a therapist I taught elementary school and worked in early intervention with families of children with special needs. These experiences helped shape who I am as a therapist in that I feel more able to empathize with the needs of today's youth as well as the needs of families. My specialties include Anxiety, Depression, and Relationship Issues. I draw upon a variety of therapeutic modalities but my work is primarily rooted in Client Centered Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy.

Choosing a therapist can be very overwhelming, which I know from personal experience. There are thousands upon thousands of therapists in the Bay Area. So what sets me apart? First and foremost, I have sat in the client seat and experienced every aspect of the therapy process. Having done a significant amount of work on my own personal growth, I have a deeper appreciation for the value of therapy and I understand how scary it can be. That being said, I know without a doubt that the fear goes away or at least decreases; especially when you find a therapist that's the right fit for you. So many things begin to feel possible when you give yourself the gift of time to talk with a professional who can guide you along your unique path towards change. I encourage you to take the risk because you are worth it.