Clients seek therapy for a variety of reasons and every client has a unique set of needs. Below you will see some of the most common topics that arise in therapy. This list is by no means exhaustive. If the topic you wish to explore is not indicated below, I encourage you to call for a free phone consultation. Afternoon and evening appointments for individual, couple, or family sessions are available on Thursdays. Sessions are typically 50 mins. in length and scheduled on a weekly basis, at a time agreed upon in advance. Please call for information about fees, payment, and office policies.


Everyone experiences anxiety at various points in their lives. What's troubling is when the anxiety becomes so crippling that it interferes with a person's ability to perform routine tasks and to enjoy life. Therapy can help by giving you a safe place and ample time to explore what's causing your anxiety. Beyond exploring the causes, we will work together to develop a plan with specific strategies you can use to manage your anxiety so that you can more fully enjoy your life.

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Symptoms of depression are sometimes not as obvious as one might think. Less obvious symptoms include the inability to make decisions that once seemed simple and an overwhelming sense of seemingly inexplicable sadness. One of the hardest things about feeling depressed is trying to explain what you're going through to those closest to you. Together we will sort it out to make  sense of what you're experiencing and start you on a path towards feeling better.

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Family Dynamics

Each of us are born into a family and we get to choose our family. Regardless of type, everyone is deeply impacted by their family system. Therapy can help you clarify the role you have or wish to have in your family system. It can help you better understand how family dynamics may be negatively impacting your relationships. Whether we like it or not, family plays a critical role in our lives. If family dynamics are creating difficulties in your life, we will work together to explore solutions. 

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Grief & Loss

There are times in life when it feels like our hearts are literally breaking. In many cases it may feel like we will never recover. Therapy can be a powerful tool to help you heal and mend a broken heart. When working with clients who are struggling with grief and loss, I look for ways to personalize their path towards healing. We may incorporate music, writing, or artistic expression. Together we will determine what you need in order to move through your grief and get to a place in your life where you feel more at peace. 

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Work/School Stress

Work and school generally require significant investments of time and energy. Therefore it's not uncommon for problems to arise in other areas of life. You may find yourself so stressed that you don't have as much time or energy as you would like to spend with friends or family. You may feel so desperate to escape from work that you develop unhealthy habits such as excessive eating or substance abuse. Therapy can provide a healthy outlet for you to work through stress and develop strategies to better cope.

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It's in our nature as human beings to want to feel connection with others. We live in a world where it can feel increasingly difficult to make those connections, let alone sustain them in ways that feel fulfilling. Whether you're seeking a relationship or already in one that may need a little extra work; therapy can help you get to a place where you feel more confident and able to have the kind of relationship your heart desires. All relationship types are honored in my practice.

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